Diablo Marine & Trailer
Diablo Marine & Trailer

Annual Inboard/Outboards Service

Inboard/Outboard Service

  • Checked over engine and changed engine oil and filter.
  • Changed fuel filter and cleaned carb and spark arrestor.
  • Checked and set all linkage as well as timing and advance.
  • Checked and tightened all belts and hoses as needed.
  • Replaced water pump impeller.
  • Changed distributor cap and rotor along with spark plugs.
  • Checked all wire connections and tightened battery terminals.
  • Checked all onboard circuits and lighting.
  • Test ran and checked for idle shift and water flow.

Drive Service

  • Pulled drive and inspected gimbal area and all bellows.
  • Checked engine alignment and serviced gimbal bearing.
  • Cleaned shift pocket and checked shift cable operation.
  • Separated the two halves of the drive and rebuilt water pump assembly.
  • Greased all shafts and serviced propeller shaft and u-joints.
  • Reassembled and installed drive as well as set up shift linkage.
  • Test ran and checked for idle shift and water flow.

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